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Mod Clothing

Modernist, mod. This British subculture which began in the mid 1960's on the streets of London was focussed, as subcultures are, around youth, music and fashion. Now an iconic style, the modernist culture has endured and is still very popular, even today. It has seen several revival periods through the late 1970's to early 1980's, and again in the 1990's through to present day. Each have had there own variations and put their own marks on mod clothing, but one thing has always been there, STYLE. Fashions may change and for me not always for the better, but amongst the sea of trendy hipsters and fashion sheep, style, mod style is always instantly recognisable. 
It is all in the fit, the detail, and looking seriously cool. I mean, let's have it right, a mod is the sharpest, snappiest, best dressed person in any room. Here at Dapper we hope that we can help you achieve your own perfect mod influenced outfits. With fantastic suits, cool polo's, retro knitwear, shirts that are out a sight, and beautiful footwear, you are sure to find the right pieces for you. Whether it's a classic R and B soul club look, That American Ivy league feel, or Italian and French continental sophistication we can help, just don't forget to add the all important British swagger, that really makes the mod look what it is. 
Here at Dapper, we focus on the every day wear, the smarter casual wear, the timeless cool wear that makes the mod clothing style and fashion so unique. Check out our blog for style ideas, and to see what's new here at Dapper mod clothing boutique.