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Welcome Back Ben Sherman

Welcome Back Ben Sherman
Ben Sherman
It's been almost 4 years since Dapper last had Ben Sherman on our rails.  Back in 2011 when we first opened,Ben Sherman was one of the first brands we looked at ,spoke to and stocked in the shop. There were some fantastic pieces, some of which I still own, but ,changes in circumstances meant that we decided to no longer stock them. 
Well, now this iconic brand is back. With new owners and liscence holders Ben Sherman clothing has taken a different path, with a new range, the black and white label. A premium range without a premium price tag that is only found in selected indipendent stores and a few concessions in House Of Fraser.  A collection of fantastic mod friendly items with classic, timeless pieces enveloping English style. Sharp, smart, stylish items, that, as well as being fantastic quality, look the absolute bees knees. Ben Sherman is one of the very few brands that I have missed seeing in store at Dapper. Steeped in mod culture, and music herritage, I am glad to have this most Britishness of brands back. The first delivery of the new Spring Summer range is due in store early February. 
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