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Casual Cool
Casual Cool Mod Clothing A fantastic mod, sixties influenced outfit: Prince of Wales trousers, striped retro jumper, Italian leather loafers and finished with a paisley scarf.  Inspired by sixties bands, such as the Small Faces and The Who. Who are often photographed wearing, lets say, more casual, yet very cool attire - infact, the jumper is styled on a piece worn by the living legend, Pete Townsend. The Trousers and Shoes... The trousers, by Get Up Clothing (a recent brand addition at Dapper) are superb!  Straight leg fit, in a light, understated Prince of Wales..
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Autumnal Sundays
Here we have a great outfit for an Autumn Sunday stroll through the town, maybe stop at a pub along the way. For a day when the sun is shining, there is little chance of rain, but there is an ever so slight nip to the air.  Starting with the trousers, personally I tend to start with the bottom first. Trousers, then top, I usually already know which shoes I want to wear the day before.   And so we start, with our fantastic wool mix check trousers from Gabicci, warm and half lined, perfect. Grey in colour so quite easy to match a top to, anything darker in tone, black or blu..
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